Bluffton is a State of Mind

Find out more about the “Outback Art” style and staging services of Michael Anthony Trumphour, from Lori Bee, SC Realtor in Bluffton, SC.

One of the many things I love about Bluffton, is it’s own unique “quirky” style.   It’s hard to describe.  I came across a perfect display of Bluffton “yard art” just behind the Vintage Market on Kittie’s Landing Road (just off Bluffton Rd), and found the residing artist, Michael Anthony Trumphour.   I asked him a little about his self described “Outback Art”, and he said he’d only been there a few months but was growing his collection and staging business every day.   In fact, working with Realtors and home sellers to help get homes sold with their unique pieces, is a major aspect of his business.

If you would love to have Michael Anthony help you stage your home, or just give it that unique Bluffton look, you can contact him directly at 843-227-2118.   And I’d love to be your Realtor, to either help you discover or sell your “Bluffton State of Mind” home. My phone is 843-505-3132 and my email is


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