Regarding the Beaver County Property Reassessment

Lori Baden with eXp Realty shares some information regarding the Beaver County, PA property reassessment process and dates. All information to be verified by property owners.

The Beaver County Association of Realtors were addressed by county officials at a meeting last November and were provided some of the following “preliminary” info. All parties should verify for themselves or contact an Appraiser to assist them:

  • March 2023: Tyler Technology Property detail cards with new value will be mailed out.
  • There will be a 40 day window to file an appeal for value. NO tax info will be given at this time. Homeowners are to contact Tyler Technologies if there are property detail “discrepancies.” If property owner does not agree with value, they can file for an informal appeal. Same process as is currently in place. Instructions will be provided on card.
  • April 2023: Updated millage rates available and posted. (They have NOT YET been posted as of this blog writing on March 22nd, 2023).
  • July 1, 2023- Oct 31, 2023: Appeal hearing window for objections.
  • November 2023: Certified values finalized.|
  • 2024 – Payments for reassessed new taxes begin.

This new assessed value will also now be the market value and will be fixed. No changes can be made to assessed value unless the county reassesses again or a homeowner makes improvements that increase their value. Value will NOT change with new sales prices.

Beaver County’s assessment is revenue neutral. No new money is going into the budget. So this means that one third of the properties will increase in value, one third will stay the same, one third will go down.

Topics for appeal are current market value and uniformity with neighbors. No Realtors or Real Estate Licensees can accompany homeowners to hearing (as is the case now). Comps/current appraisals encouraged to support argument.

Market value will be determined based on sales and cost value approach from recorded sales between Jan 2018-and June 2022. A court order delayed the process due to inflated values during covid.

They are expecting approximately 12,000 appeals and need 30 people for 5 appeal boards. 5 boards will take turns hearing appeals during the July-Oct time frame. 2-3 days/week. Contact Joshua Eckleberger for more information.

Tax revenue can only be increased by a maximum of 10%. The reassessment will not be increasing tax revenue by more than that. Reassessment is revenue neutral, since budgets are already set.

Neighborhood delineations are a huge factor therefore 6th street in Beaver is not assessed the same value as River Rd and Patterson is not assessed the same as Beaver Falls, etc.

Clean and Green will stay intact but forest and agricultural values will be modified. Forest value will now depend on number of hardwoods/softwoods. Agricultural value will now depend on soil type.

Again, all parties should verify information for themselves with Beaver County, Joshua Eckelberger, and Tyler Technologies, or contact an Appraiser to assist them.

Contact Information

Joshua Eckelberger, Chief County Assessor

Beaver County Courthouse
Assessment / Tax Claim Office
810 Third Street
Beaver, PA 15009

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm (Except Holidays)

The direct phone number that I received last fall for Tyler Technologies regarding Beaver County reassessments is 1-878-439-7009.


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