Lori Baden is taking the time to reset and grow. Are you?

So I’m using this time as many are, to slow down and reevaluate my life a bit. And rediscover some things I’ve been missing for a while.

One of those things is reading books… like real hard cover books. Especially re-reading all my beloved Dorothea Benton Frank books. I had a friendship with Dottie over many years  and miss her nearly every day. I can still hear her voice on the phone saying to me (when I got divorced years ago)…. “Now’s your chance to find out who you are… Who you really are . And do the things you always wanted to do for yourself. Get yourself down to the Lowcountry and DO IT! “

She was so right then and I still believe that. It took me a long time and a lot of soul searching, but it wasn’t until I loved who I was and was content with myself, that the love of my life found me here in the Lowcountry, where my soul had always called me.  It’s really like one of her books and she’d like that. 

One of the things I absolutely love most about my marriage to Joe is he loves me for who I really am, and he encourages me to do things for, and even by myself. Sure, we love to do things together  such as listening to old vinyl records (even on an old phonograph), looking at old photographs, antiquing, watch our resident Mississippi Kites (birds), dragonflies, and bats, watch Penguins Hockey, smoke cigars and much more together. 

But Joe also encourages me to go on occasional girls night out with my besties, to the nail salon, trivia, or to the Salt Studio I love, but that’s been pretty rare the last couple of years due to time constraints, working so much. I’m looking forward to some of those simple pleasures again when quarantine restrictions loosen a bit more. I do try to reciprocate his personal time too, and in fact he’s right now on a guys trout fishing trip with his buddies in a remote area of Pennsylvania. That yearly trip is good for his spirit too.

2017-07-03 22.16.12_edited

Anyway, because of this Covid Crisis  and losing my salaried position due to company cutbacks, I’ve suddenly found myself having more time.  I’m analyzing things and I’m realizing I was beginning to lose knowing who I really was again, and stopped enjoying hobbies and passions, due to my workaholic nature.  I even sacrificed my honeymoon and some family trips home because I felt I’d be letting my company, my agents, and their clients down. I realize ultimately, I let those closest to me and myself down instead.  I’m kicking myself because it was MY fault thinking that in today’s age, my work ethic and sacrifices would be appreciated. 

I know better and should have honored that family and friends must come first.  That’s the legacy I really want to leave… that I loved them with all my heart and showed it. I certainly don’t want it engraved on my tombstone someday, “She worked hard and nobody cared.” But I think a lot of us fall victim to the same thinking that those sacrifices are what will save our jobs when the chips are down, when that is not usually a factor.  Or at least, so I’m told. 

Anyway, I am making some life changes. Yes, I will be working hard for my clients but not at the sacrifice of my own family, my health and well being. With a deadly virus still lurking, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow and I want to make each day count. I hope all of you are doing likewise.

I’ve also decided to take a bit of a break from social media, especially Facebook. I love catching up with friends and family there with pictures of celebration and your general updates, but it has turned into everyone being an expert and a very judgemental place as of late and it is hurting my heart.  I really don’t like unnecessary conflict.  It’s a waste of time and energy.

In my mind, if it’s within the law and you want to do something or not do something, that’s your business and I won’t judge you, but I hate seeing all the criticisms and plain old meanness on there. Most people would never say those things to someone’s face, for goodness sake. I was finding myself getting too upset about it all, so… off (deactivated) it goes… at least for now.  Might be that way thru the election cause it’s probably not gonna get better during all that.  I have more important things to do than to watch everybody that I care about being cruel to each other,  and as my favorite t-shirt says, “Not my pasture, Not my bullshit.”   Just know that I love you all, no matter.

In refocusing on priorities, some good things are starting to happen.  I have been enjoying preparing more home-cooked meals and I really have a goal to start eating healthier too. 

A part of cooking healthier is that we are growing a small fresh garden this year. We have tomatoes, LOTS of different kinds of peppers, squash (that’s a bloom at the top of this page), onions and chives. Then we have some herbs like spearmint, peppermint, basil, purple basil, and rosemary. Oh and blueberry bushes, raspberries, blackberries, a peach tree (that is struggling this year) and a young fig tree.


And of course I have many beloved flowers and plants that Joe loves buying me and I love tending and taking pictures of, as you may see from my Instagram page. I probably will remain there because most of the people I follow there are sharing things and scenes of beauty.  That is really refreshing and needed, and hope it continues like that.  At least with the people I follow.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram @LoriBaden.


It’s really rewarding to see these things grow around our barn home. Every day, I see God’s plan in helping us find this place, where it’s ok to plant the garden we want.  Many of the gated communities in the area would prohibit all these goodies and random rose beds and such. At the least they would need “approval,” and that’s just not our style. 

I also want to really start exercising again!  I am riding my bike a mile or so every day out to the mailbox and back, and around our dirt road dodging the huge swamp bugs trying to get me.  LOL! . And I do feel like Yoga here at home, is in my future but I may have to wait just a bit on that… 

I’m having shoulder surgery at the beginning of June so I’m getting things around the house in order. It’s my dominant right arm and I’ll be in a sling for 4-6 weeks afterward. It’s gonna be a bit difficult to fully work for a bit,  but I’ll still be accommodating property searches online, emailing and such, but I’m not gearing up for my future marketing blasts and showings until after I see how the procedure goes.  I really rushed my recovery 5 years ago after my hip surgery due to work, which caused a major setback in my recovery, and I’m not making that mistake again.   

By the way, I do still know agents across the area, state and country to refer you to, and that would help me pay some of these future medical bills. So PLEASE,  don’t hesitate to reach out to me to connect you ( ) with someone perfect for your needs.  It’d be much appreciated as Joe got cutback to weekends at his job and we are still nervous about future furloughs/layoffs there.

Wow… I wrote a lot for a change.  Might be a little bit before I write again so just wanted to fill you in and let you know, I’m alright.  I’m rediscovering me.  I’m resetting and growing.   I feel good about this and think that the stars are lining up for me to shine even brighter, very soon.  

Hope you all will follow along to watch me grow here on my blog and on Instagram, and maybe you can share your growth from these trying times too.   Love and blessings everyone.


“The most important thing I learned is that to be truly happy, you’ve got to pay attention to that stupid inner voice we all have. It knows what you need and will drive you shit crazy until you listen to it.”
― Dorothea Benton Frank, Isle of Palms

So I Did This Thing…

Find out why I’m no longer Lori Bee.

So in case you didn’t notice,  my name has changed.   Yes, that’s a good thing.  Actually, a great thing.   I got married on Black Friday, ending 47 years of Bachelorhood for my Joe.  LOL.

Signing the license and ending 47 years of Bachelorhood !


Actually, I’m the one that’s blessed… he waited 47 years to find “the one.”

We got married at home here in our barn. It was a gloriously beautiful fall day.  Just perfect.  I hope all of you will rejoice with us.  We are truly best friends, in love.

And as a side note, I’ve been crazily busy with work too.  Yes, I’m still in real estate. Still with eXp Realty.  It’ll be 4 years soon.  Since then we’ve grown from just over 1000 agents to 25,000+ nationally, and from 40 to well over 700 here in SC.  Production volume has grown from $90 million a year in 2017 to over $581 million here in SC, in 2019.  To say I’m proud, is an understatement! As Designated Managing Broker, I oversee operations in South Carolina for this wonderful company.

We have over 30 agents here locally to assist you, and I do referrals all the time.  Locally, statewide and nationally.  Let me know if I can assist you in finding your piece of paradise, like I’ve found mine.  It would be my pleasure.

Memorial Day Tribute

Lori Bee shares a poignant photo and gives thanks to those who gave all, this Memorial Day. Photo from Beaufort National Cemetery, SC.

Beaufort National Cemetery on Memorial Day Weekend a couple of years ago. Photo by Lori L Bee. No words really needed. Just gratitude, for those gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Give thanks, to those who gave all.

Second Chances

Lori Bee shares some second chances she’s had recently at life, love, career and home ownership.

So I have been more than a bit absent here lately on this blog.   SO much has happened, and I haven’t had time to post. I’ll abbreviate it all quite a bit.

So I was promoted back in April to become the Assistant State Administrative Broker for eXp Realty.   Very honored to serve in that position, when suddenly in early May, my beloved boss and State Broker, Jim Girard, announced his retirement.   And then in June I was hired to be his replacement as the State Administrative Broker for eXp.  What a whirlwind!

As if the transition paperwork of 15 local REALTOR boards and 16 MLS’s across South Carolina wasn’t enough,  on June 15th, Joe and I managed to finally close on the home of our dreams and change our address.  We now live in a Morton Residential Barn Home in rural Jasper County closer to Savannah, and are loving it. But this move, in this heat with all the work, has not been fun.  I just keep reminding myself, just how truly blessed I am to have all these Second Chances, with love and life.   Hence why we refer to our mini-farm as Second Chance Farm.

2017-06-26 14.58.09-1

I’m reminded of that quote from Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”   I keep asking Joe to pinch me to prove it’s all happening.  So many dreams coming true…

I am currently only doing real estate sales and listings on a very limited basis, BUT I now manage  400+ excellent agents who can assist you all across the Palmetto state.  I am happy to place your referral in the best hands, so please give me a call at 843-505-3132 so I can assist you.  I love making dreams come true!

P.S.  Some people to thank for a lot of these life changes:

  • First of all, my beloved Joe who I plan to rock that rocking chair for life with
  • My children Jacob & Hannah – who inspire their Momma to never give up
  • Joanie Horton – former owner, who knew this place was meant to be ours
  • Thomas Kersey – wonderful Listing Agent who was so helpful
  • Bannon Law Group – for a smooth closing
  • Homeside Financial – esp Christa Jensen & Stacy Kimrey who made this dream come true when everyone else said it was impossible
  • Jim Girard – my career mentor and always will be
  • Glenn Sanford – dear friend & founder of eXp, the model revolutionizing real estate
  • Our SC eXp Agents – love y’all and enjoying this ride with you
  • Bill Martini and Veteran Movers – you should check them out if you are local
  • Joseph Terry – for all of your physical help during this horrendous heat
  • Patti McEwin – for being my neighbor, confidant and screen repair buddy
  • Darlene Dudley – for providing us our temporary home the last 2 yrs
  • All of our family & friends – for your support and congrats




God said, “Stop! Look!”

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Grahamville, SC has to be one of the prettiest churches in SC, if not the entire south.
Photo by Lori Bee

Even on the busiest of real estate days, God has a way of sayin’ : “Stop! Look what I did here, to take your breath away!”

The Church of the Holy Trinity is in Grahamville, SC near Ridgeland, and was on my way home last night from a listing appointment just up Bees Creek Rd.  This has to be one of the prettiest churches in South Carolina, if not the entire South.  Especially this time of year with the azaleas in bloom.

I thought some of you might enjoy God’s handiwork too.

Church of the Holy Trinity by Lori Bee

Off to Work

Lori Bee captures local crabbers in Bluffton, SC headed off to work.

Thought I’d run down to Alljoy Landing to catch a sunrise this morning.  It was more than a bit cloudy but there was a bit of color.   And I caught these gentlemen heading off to work, crabbing.   A part of me was envious, but then I realized it may storm today. Then I was simply thankful for the food they provide, and prayerful, for their safe return.

Off to Work by ©Lori Bee




Colleton River Homes for Sale

Lori Bee shares a sunrise view and a list of homes for sale, in beautiful Colleton River, located in Bluffton, SC.

Have you ever seen the Will Smith/Matt Damon/Charlize Theron movie, “The Legend of Bagger Vance?”  Well, even if you are not a golfer, I do highly recommend it. Did you know much of it was filmed right here in Bluffton?  Actually, quite a bit of it was filmed in the gated golf community of Colleton River.   The clubhouse is adorned with pictures of the filming and memorabilia.

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them it was filmed here.  It really does showcase just how gorgeous this area truly is.  It’s also a fabulous place to live.   Here is a list of homes currently for sale in Colleton River.  If I can help you make your dreams come true, just let me know. It would be my pleasure.  My phone is 843-505-3132.

And just to give you a bit of a preview, yesterday I ventured out to the HE Trask Boat Landing in Bluffton and captured this sunrise view of the Clubhouse.   Thought you might enjoy it.  It’s even more spectacular in person.  Wouldn’t it be just fabulous to wake up to every day.   Let’s make that happen….

Colorful Colleton River Sunrise by Lori Bee

Soaring Sunrise

Lori Bee captures a Seagull Soaring in the Sunrise over the oyster beds between Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, SC.

So “my Joe,” recently switched shifts at Gulfstream.  He used to have to be at work at 3 pm and now he has to be there at 5am.  He hates it.  LOL.

I on the other hand, being a former farm girl, like being back to a morning routine.  I am much more productive.  And as much as I love sunsets, now I get to enjoy sunrises again too.

Here is this morning’s view.  Let me know if I can help you have a view like this.  It would be my pleasure.

Soaring Sunrise by Lori Bee

Chechessee River Sunrise

Chechessee River Sunrise photo by Lori Bee

The rivers, marsh grass, docks and yes… even the pluff mud, call to my soul.  Are they calling yours?

Chechessee River Sunrise by Lori Bee